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I am a Creative Concierge and I would suggest for you an experience of a life time.


  We could sail around, swing in to see and hear the famous pier 39 sea lions feet away from on the water, a perspective very few get to experience.  We can cruise up the city line towards the Golden Gate Bridge as the sun is setting and city lights are coming up. I could have feast, small plates or nosh style food and beverages on board if you would like. Along the way if anyone is interested in learning how to take the helm or pulling sails, speak up, step up and be guided on taking the wheel and tasks in holding the course.


I am available any time of day, if you feel like leaving earlier or making a stop. Angel Island is classic and a State Park where there is a cafe, hikes, bikes, segways, tram, views second to none. There are restaurants and points of interest along the way that might excite the kids or not.


My rates are $150 an hour for up to 6 people, with a 2 hour minimum. You can add on tailored conveniences to upgrade your day or add gratuity if it blows your minds with unforgettable memories.  will  penciled you with a $150 deposit and we will tighten in the details to your liking. Things to think about:

Catered or Bring your own.

Alcohol is allowed but not provided

Is the perfect Sail a quick picnic on the bay. stops along the way, staying out longer on the fly or something out of the box special (music, no music, set up family photo, taking a route that gets you close to Alcatraz.


I'm pretty good at mustering up some social artistry with a custom creative good time.  I'm excited to create for you an adventure of a lifetime! I absolutely love making this SF exceptional experience available and have an affinity for getting guests involved as much or little as they want. Each and every sail has it own awe, magic and cast of characters.


Hope your SF trip is coming together smoother than imagined. 


Fair Winds and Following Seas

Capt. Zorah

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